Redwood City Bee Removal – Site Check

Received a bee rescue call from Chris today. He has a good sized colony of honey bees living in his one and some year old Redwood City house. The bees have been there for about one year now and it was time for them to be relocated.

The bees appear to be entering from under the eve of one part of the roof that overhangs the other. The plastic was placed there to try to keep the bees out but the heavy workforce easily chewed their way through.

We were only there today for a site check but brought our suits with us. So we decided to suit up and remove the plastic so the bees have an easier access to the entrance. We are here to rescue the bees so we want to ensure their survival.

There were a few clusters of bees here and there on the first level roof. We aren’t sure why. We looked into those small clusters hoping to find a queen but did not. Perhaps these bees were affected by the pesticide spray and are disoriented and can’t find their way home. Even though this colony has been sprayed, hopefully the traces of pesticide that the bees have trailed inside isn’t harming the entire colony. We will do our best to save these bees.

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3 Responses to Redwood City Bee Removal – Site Check

  1. sue says:

    We have a bee infestation at our Redwood City home. They are under the roof tiles near the chimney. Want to rolocate them without hurting colony. Can you advise? Is this a hobby of yours?

  2. Hi Sue,

    Yes, let’s save our honey bees. I’ll contact you via email for more details.


  3. Hi Sue,

    I sent you an email, just checking to see if you have received it or not.


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