Releasing the Queen Bee

The Palo Alto external honey bee colony was rescued on Sunday, March 13, but it took us until Tuesday to release the Queen bee as Mondays my schedule is too crazy to even think about doing anything else besides work.

This was Tuesday morning. There was a small cluster of bees near the entrance. Perhaps these girls like it cooler than warmer as they lived as an external colony hanging from a tree branch rather than inside the tree truck or other structure.

Do you like my colored rubber bands? 🙂

Honeybees are all about team work. Here is a group of them chewing at the rubber band. A few days they will have chewed their way through and I’ll see some rubber band either on the ground or near their entrance.

I’m all about foundationless frames with guides. I wasn’t thinking they would build new comb so fast as they need to secure the old comb first. But they did start building new comb and without guides. The bees know best, let them do their thing.

Here’s the queen catcher with the queen bee inside. The workers are all tending to the queen. With the queen catcher the queen cannot get out but occasionally they do if the queen is small or a virgin. The workers who are smaller in size can get through.

Can you spot the Queen in the picture below?

The Queen is not the one at the top. That bee was just standing tall and posing for the photo. 🙂  The Queen, well, you can only see her long abdomen. She’s the one you can see thought the most upper slot.

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