Honey Bee Science Fair Project – Ethan @ Palo Alto, CA

During our most recent Palo Alto bee removal of an external honey bee colony, https://losaltoshoneybees.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/palo-alto-bee-relocation-external-honey-bee-colony/, my dad and I talked to several neighbors who came by. One family got deeply involved when they had a mission in mind. Mark and Kirsten had a great idea for Ethan, their older son, who has an upcoming science fair project. Can you guess what that topic would be? You guessed it, honey bees!

We had a great time explaining to Ethan and his family about honey bees and the importance of honey bees to us, our crops, and more. We showed Ethan some comb, the branch that the bees built their comb on, and a taste of some raw honey which I think Ethan and his younger brother Max really enjoyed.

Thank you Ethan and family for spreading the word on our precious honey bees and good job on your science fair project.

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