Palo Alto Bee Swarm Removal – Also Hive in Tree

Today I received four swarm calls, one in Palo Alto, one in Los Altos, and two in Redwood City. We were only able to get to two of them today. Perhaps the others will still be there tomorrow.

Anyways, received the first call around noon and that hour I was able to get out. This was a small swarm. It was a quick shake into the box but it did take about 10 minutes before we found the queen. She was running everywhere and each time we saw her we quickly lost her as she ran and hide in the crowd of bees.

Caged the queen and then closed off the cover, leaving the entrance open to collect all the returning bees. We came back later in the evening to pick up the box with all the bees.

I think I know where the swarm came from. The next door neighbor has not one but TWO honey bee colonies living on their large oak tree. The one you see below is a huge hollow and someone put screening over the hole. Perhaps it did the job but overtime the screen opened up some and now bees have made it their home.

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