Redwood City Bee Swarm Removal on a Golf Course

The second bee swarm today brought us to a golf course in Redwood City, CA. The small swarm landed on an oak tree about 7 feet off of the ground. During closer inspection we noticed a tiny hollow on the left of them. Some of the bees were inside but the majority was outside. I don’t think that cavity is large enough so the bees were just hanging out until the scouts find their new home.

Because it was too far to leave the box there until dark to retrieve, we sprayed the bees good with sugar water so they cannot fly. After that my dad lifted the box underneath while I quickly scooped the bees into the box with two quick hand motion. Brought the hive box down and put the top cover on so we didn’t look for the queen.

The small cavity still had some bees in it so we lite the smoker and proceeded to smoke any bee inside out, hoping one of them would be the queen but no such luck. So we don’t know if we got the queen or not until we inspect the hive in about 2 weeks. Hopefully we did!

Again, I found a nearby tree on the golf course that has at least one active colony living in a small hollow. I’m sure the swarm came from there and I’m sure to see additional swarms from these bees.

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