Cupertino Swarm Removal – Bees on Roof Top – 3/30/2011

Yesterday, 3/30,2011, got a late call yesterday about a small small swarm of bees on the roof top. Actually it was small if you look at the swarm from the outside but it seems many bees were hidden. They took shelter underneath the warped wood shingles and cracks while some remained outside. It was not an easy swarm removal as they were hard to capture. We removed what we can, and I really don’t think we caught the queen as we looked and looked for her without success. When we got home at 10 PM we merged them with a small queen-right swarm.

Also, there were some dead bees on the roof top. I wonder if this swarm was sprayed before it landed here.

Again, PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY our honey bees.

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