Knee Deep in Bee Swarms Today – 3/31/2011

Today we removed 4 swarms and had more calls come in which we couldn’t get to today, perhaps tomorrow if they are still there. Menlo Park we removed 3 really low hanging ones. Had two other Menlo Park calls but it was late already and we were at my yard making more woodware and tonight I need to place an order of $500 worth more of hive boxes to save our honeybees.  Thanks to those who have donated for the bee rescue cause.

We brought the three swarms back to my yard to hive but while making some bottoms and tops all of the sudden the Cupertino Krzich Hive throws off a small swarm, perhaps it was an after-swarm, which means it wasn’t the first to swarm. If the first swarm happened today or yesterday I must have completely missed it. I better inspect the hive tomorrow for additional swarm queen cells! Good thing they landed just 20 feet away in my orange tree and it was reachable and we hived them. Bad thing is we looked and looked and couldn’t find a queen! All the bees remained in the hive box and didn’t fly back up to the branch and they started to fan at the entrance so that’s always a good sign, not 100% but it’s a good sign.

After spending a while playing with that small swarm that came from my own hive we hived the three swarms. One was so large we put on a second medium to give them more room. That one must have been an initial swarm where it leaves with the most bees and the original queen.

Pictures to follow in the next blog.

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