Menlo Park Swarm Removal – Three Swarms – 3/31/2011

84 degrees today and the bees were going wild! As mentioned in the last blog I removed three swarms in Menlo Park today with my dad and had two more calls from Menlo Park and more from Los Altos. Here are the photos of each of the swarms.

Bee Swarm #1: Really low hanging. Small swarm of honey bees. The owners put a sign infront warning people of the honey bee swarm just incase they bumped into it. Swarming bees are usually quite peaceful.

Bee Swarm #2: This one is the smallest swarm of the day. Tiny population but with our great nectar flow with citrus blooming in a few days they will do just fine. They were hanging in an orange tree and we only had to use chairs to reach them. The unfortunate thing happened today to this queen. When we were hiving this swarm in my yard we found the queen. She crawled underneath the box bottom flap and was crushed at some point!!! So I’ll be either giving them resources to make their own queen in a few days or I’ll merge them with another small swarm.

Bee Swarm #3: This was the largest swarm of the day and perhaps of the swarm season. We couldn’t really tell how large until we hived them. These girls were hanging really low and even touching the ground. It took two boxes to get the job done. Good size swarm and really camouflaged in this plant.

I think we got the queen in the first box. 🙂

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