Krzich Hive Swarming – 3/31/2011

Yesterday the Krzich Hive threw off a very small swarm. Perhaps this was an after-swarm as usually the first swarm with the original queen takes a good amount of bees with her before the new queen emerges.

This is the beginning of a swarm.

They all land about 20 feet away on my orange tree that’s blooming!

Here’s my dad bringing a box up the ladder to hive them.

We hived the swarm but looked for a long time for the queen but couldn’t find her. We will look in a few days to see if she’s around or if there’s any signs of the queen present.

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2 Responses to Krzich Hive Swarming – 3/31/2011

  1. This is such a cool post. I love reading about bee keeping.

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