Los Altos Bee Removal – Site Checks 4/5/2011

Did two scheduled site checks today in Los Altos. Both were newly formed colonies from recent swarms. The first was an old Victorian house with two chimneys. Each chimney had honey bees entering from the top somewhere. It was a two story high Victorian with a V-shaped steep roof which I didn’t go on. I did try to find the bees from inside the house and also looking up the flue of the chimney from the fireplace. No luck in finding them today. Perhaps they are building in the flue which then they could be seen from looking down from the roof top.

The second chimney had more activity than the one above.

The second site check was also in Los Altos minutes away from the first. Also a recent swarm that moved into this void between the chimney and inside wall. I have a good guess where the bees are but the tricky part is, the inside has built in bookshelves that might or might not be able remove to inspect. I’ll check it out some more on Sunday with my borescope by drilling small 1/4 inch holes that are easy to repair.

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