Adopt A Hive – Cervantes-2 Hive Almost Ready

Rescued hives need a good home and I’m glad so many of you emailed me interested in adopting a bee hive. Last weekend my dad and I went through the hives and the Cervantes-2 colony is almost ready. One more week and they should only have only one remaining frame to draw out with a box full of bees.

The queen in this hive is from an after-swarm, meaning this queen was recently born. She is laying good patterns and have grown in size since I captured her from the roof top.

This frame is full of honey.

Honey and pollen mixed in. The dark comb was placed in there so the queen can start laying immediately. You can also see white comb to the left which they are drawing.

Brood and honey mixed on this comb.

Here’s our Queen!

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