Donor Hive Becomes the Needy

Sad news to report today on the Webster Hive. This colony from a swarm built up strong so we went into the hive today inspecting and looking for a frame of eggs and a few day old larvae to donate to the queenless Pine Hive. We found the beautiful Queen in the second frame, fresh white comb, where she has laid fresh eggs on one side while the other side had a few day old larvae.

She was unique with black dots running down the middle of her ab.

A few seconds later she crawls away and we never did see her again, thinking she might have hide between some burr comb. We put that frame back and continue to inspect the other frames. Closed up the hive and actually came back a little later to see if we can find the queen again. Second time we opened the hive we looked 3 times at each frame and never found her.

Then later when I was about to measure and make some window screening to close off the entrance of Cervantes1 which will be delivered to its new owner tomorrow night, I noticed a group of bees pushing this larger bee out. At first I thought it was a dead drone but upon closer inspection it was the Webster queen! I picked her up, curled and not moving. I put her at the entrance of her own hive where her bees came and started licking her. Checked later at night and didn’t see her there anymore and didn’t see her on the ground infront of the hive. Could the workers have revived her? She was motionless. I really hope so. If not there should be enough resources inside for them to make a new queen as after we discovered she wasn’t in her hive we didn’t donate any of her eggs or larvae to the other queenless hive. I still can’t believe she flew off the frame, landed somewhere, and then flew into the neighboring hive.   😦   Farewell my Webster Queen.

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