Sunnyvale Swarm Removed from Recycle Bin

After this morning’s call from Susan my dad and I headed over to remove this settled swarm around 1:30PM today. Susan and her neighbors watched while we messed with this large swarm of bees. We opened the lid to find much more bees than expected and it was game on. We dug through the bees trying to find the queen, then started scooping some of them into the hive. We looked everywhere and didn’t find the queen. Then I noticed some bees moving down into the bottom of the bin, bees marching and fanning, then some into the tube that held the lids together, and also into the center divider. We took apart that entire recycle bin and still didn’t find the queen. The good thing is though the bees that were inside the hive were all fanning and they didn’t even fly off and back onto the recycle bin. Very good signs that the queen is in the hive. We went back at dark after delivering a hive to a new beekeeper in San Jose and all of the bees including the foragers were all inside the hive. Sealed and brought back to my yard. One week we’ll opened up the hive to see if there’s a queen.

Susan posing with her honey bees

Opened the lip and found a good load of honey bees

My dad digging through the bees to find the queen

We looked everywhere for the queen. We even took apart the recycle bin! (Photo taken by Susan)

We then look inside the hive for the queen but with that many bees inside it we coudln’t find her. (Photo taken by Susan)

We left the hive there to collect all the bees

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