Adopt A Hive – Cervantes Hives at Their New Home

After delivering the three Cervantes hives Friday and Saturday I’m so glad they went to great homes. These three hives are booming and they will love their new location and care.

Cervantes1: Adopted by Patrick who recently rescued a swarm that was sprayed by Clark Pest Control. They only killed half and left. So Patrick and his beekeeper friend rescued the remainder of bees from an apartment building and the queen survive! Great job!

Cervantes2: These girls are now at a “local farm” where they will enjoy the company of animals such as chickens, ducks, goats, and more.

The hive on its stand where it could easily hold two more hives, and we helped add a second box to the bottom. They are good to go!

Chickens roam around the same yard as the hive

And rescued goats at visual distance

Cervantes3: Adopted by Pete and his family who showed much interest in beekeeping, this colony is going to love the abundant resources they have on-site. Pete’s a professional landscaper and his large lot has many fruit trees including blooming citrus, many kinds of flowers that bees are already all over, and much more.

During our lesson today my dad does the hands on while I do the talking.

Here’s the Queen bee

Pete has been learning a lot already on his own but this is his first hive and he’s excited

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