San Jose Bee Removal – Downtown Site Check

Amy from downtown San Jose called Friday saying that there were about a dozen bees that got inside her studio behind her house. And there were also some bees coming and going at the eve of the roof. So today my dad and I headed out there to check out the bee situation.

When we got there we didn’t notice any activity, then all of the sudden a few bees fly into a crack in the soffit and wall that had a hole in the siding. Amy and Scott showed us the dead bees inside the studio and where they think they came through.

From the exterior activity I’m positive the colony hasn’t moved in yet. These were probably just scouts finding a good place to call home and more bees came back with them to check it out. So we proceed to look around the building for any other possible honey bee activity to no avail.

All of the sudden my dad shouts to me to come look at something. Surprise surprise!!! The backyard neighbor had a swarm moving into their soffit! It could have been the scouts from this swarm or it could from another swarm that was checking out Amy and Scott’s studio. So I suggested Scott and Amy seal those cracks and holes near where the bees were coming and going.

So the swarm was moving in and we walk around to the next block and knock on the door. Greeted by Michelle and Niels(sp?) we informed them of a swarm of honey bees moving into their newly remodeled home. We watch the swarm do their thing and in about 15 – 20 minutes most of the bees have already marched into the hole leading I believe and hope into the soffit which would be a much more simple removal.

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