Campbell Bee Removal – Swarm on Lawn

Received a call from Brandon yesterday about a swarm that landed on the lawn. It was about 1 x 1 patch just sitting there. Normally we don’t see swarms sit on ground level unless they have been sprayed or was knocked down but who knows, the queen could have been a large one and couldn’t fly high enough and landed on the lawn.

Anyways, I was planning on going after dinner to collect them but a call came back saying his wife had another beekeeper hive them. That’s great! We as beekeepers love to share the excitement of swarm captures and better us than having a pest control company spray our honey bees. Actually, Brandon did call a pest control company but they told him the swarm will just fly away in a few days. I’m glad a local beekeeper was able to rescue these bees. 🙂

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