Menlo Park Bee Removal – Bait Hive with Little Bees

It was one of those Spring days where weather is super nice, mid-70’s and homeowners are calling about bees. Today I had a scheduled cutout in San Jose, previous blog post, and one swarm removal in San Jose which I didn’t get to and the swarm of bees moved on already.

Then early afternoon I receive a call from Carrie in Menlo Park. The family noticed some scout bees checking out a hole leading to their wall above the back door. So they called this bee company. The bee company, I’m not going to mention any names, came by and set up a bait hive and changed them $210!!! And wanted another $75 to come pick up the trap. They said that if you didn’t want to pay that $75 you can just toss the trap with the bees away. Hmm… killing our bees?

So that’s when Carrie called me to save the bees. The girls stayed up to see us remove the trap. They have already witness two swarms this Spring! This one and one at their school. That’s the most exciting part watching the swarm fly in or out.

Anyways, after our cutout we headed to their place to remove the bait hive for them. $20 gas donation and that was it. I felt the bait hive on-site. It felt light! I was wondering if there were any bees inside. There are as I can see them from the holes and the family did see a swarm move in. So I took it down and brought it home.

Got back to my place at dark and set up to hive the bees. Opened up the bottom and looked inside, there weren’t many bees inside at all!!! But I was thinking to myself, scout bees wouldn’t hang out and overnight in a bait hive. Usually they will fly back to the swarm. I think the bees added together is smaller than a softball size! These bees could be an after-swarm, or an after after swarm, which always contains less bees than the first swarm with the original queen.

In a few days we’ll be inspecting the hive to see if there is a queen or not. Hoping for the best!

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