San Jose Bee Removal – 15th Street Bees Rescued

Today was the scheduled live bee relocation of a swarm that moved in last Sunday. I wanted them to build some comb first so I have a better chance at finding the queen but today we didn’t find her as there were crossed 2×4 in our way and providing a hidden for the queen . We did bee vac all 99.9% of the bees though and we believe we got her in the box. We’ll know when we inspect in the next few days.

The bees moved into the soffit of an overhang. This was the calm before the storm.

Here’s me using the multi-tool to make fine cuts so Michelle and Niel can easily put it back.

The colony fully exposed. Notice those 2×4’s that I was talking about. The bees built right behind it making it difficult for me to get and it provided hiding spots for the queen.

Here’s a close up of the colony before we started bee vac’ing them.

All the bees removed along with seven pure white section of newly drawn combs

This swarm moved in last Sunday. Today is Saturday so the bees had six days to build. It’s amazing how fast they can build in only six days!

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