Scouts Checking Out Old Hives

Saturday I received a call from my nephew that a swarm was moving into their balcony again. This would be the third colony living in there since they bought the house. I was told scouts were checking out the two locations where there are old combs on Friday but a bunch of bees showed up on Saturday. I think it wasn’t a swarm, it was just more scouts checking out their possible homes because by evening they were gone.

This was last year when we removed the colony.

Today I went over for a BBQ and checked the two balcony locations. One had no activity. The other one has a few bees moving in and out but no swarm has moved in yet. I am out of old hives or I would place one there as a swarm trap. I might still do that this week using a new hive, rub some lemongrass oil on the inside and then put some old frames with combs to attract these scouts.

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