Palo Alto Lincoln Swarm Photos

All right, here are some photos of yesterday’s swarm capture in Palo Alto. I’m glad that they didn’t move into the wall from the one inch hole that was left open from the tankless water heater install. This was a good size swarm.

We started scooping them into the box and of course watching for the queen. About half way up we caught the queen. The queen is the one on the bottom. She’s not huge like some others I’ve caught recently.

Another photo of the queen. Notice her golden abdomen.

Here’s the hole I noticed after removing some of the bees. You can see some bees moving in and out.

We left the box there to get all the bees. Picked it up right before dark and everyone was home (inside the box). Sealed and then hived at night in my yard.

Thanks Karen and Bruce for the call/email and saving our local honey bees!

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