Redwood City Live Bee Removal – Sprinkler Valve Control Box

Received a call on the weekend from Dan saying that he had some bees move into his sprinkler valve control box, it was a new swarm that arrived on Sunday. I suggested that we wait about four days before the removal so the bees can build some comb and it’ll be easier for us to catch the queen. Things panned out exactly like that when we did the live bee removal on Thursday evening. And the best part was, we save the honey bees AND Dan a lot of money because X-company wanted $450 for this 1 hour bee removal.

Not much activity when we arrived around 6:30 PM on a hot day. I guessed it was a small swarm.

And I was right. After we gently lifted the top and flipped the cover over here’s what we found. The small colony indeed and in four days they have only built such small comb section. A larger swarm would have easily built up half of the box. This was an after-swarm where the new queen leaves with only a small group of bees.

Here’s our Queen. My dad spotted her and I did the catching. This queen is very long but skinny. Her ab section haven’t fattened up yet but soon she will. She’s already laying eggs.

We rubberbanded the largest comb section, new comb is extremely fragile, which contains honey, pollen, and eggs.

Photos below by Dan

Thanks Dan for taking pictures of us in action! Here’s us setting up.

We gently pry both sides of the cover so we can lift straight up without damaging any combs.

Placed the cover into a large cardboard box and we immediately look for the queen on the cover and inside the valve box.

My dad vacuums the bees while looking for the queen.

Framing the comb section and queen.

Dan, thanks again for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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2 Responses to Redwood City Live Bee Removal – Sprinkler Valve Control Box

  1. Dan says:

    Jack, thanks again for the great work… it is good to know that these bees will have a new home and will be preserved. I appreciate you putting up with my questions and taking the time to show me the queen, eggs, honey, and teaching me a little bit about bees. Although it may seem a small group of bees to you… to my wife and I, that was a LOT of bees buzzing around my front porch . It is amazing how fast even a small group of bees can work.

    It was nice meeting you and your dad, and I appreciate the care and thoroughness of your work.

  2. Dan,

    It was a fun bee rescue and we always love to teach others about honey bees. Thank you again for calling, taking photos of us, and saving our local honey bees!


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