Redwood City Bee Removal – Bee Hive in Tree Hollow

Yet another bee relocation in Redwood City. This time the colony is situated in a hollow of an oak tree. I was told that the hole was large enough to get my hand and arms through. Well… it was but after I got in I couldn’t do much as this hollow went deep and the part that I could get my arm through was at the top. See photos and you’ll know what I’m talking about. But it was all good. Bee removals from tree hollows you mainly save all the bees and whatever brood you can and rarely catch the queen unless you can cut open the tree. Today my dad and I bee vac’ed an entire medium full of bees! There must have been 20K or so bees in this colony. They have been living in this hollow for about 1 year so you can imagine the size of their population.

The hollow entry, only part that my arms could be in was from the top portion. The lower hole is too narrow. And standing on a slope was tough.

Greg, his two girls, and a neighbor’s girl was our audience for the day. The girls even brought out patio chairs!!!

My dad working the bee vac. We brought home a box full of bees! It was even hard to get the bee vac tube into the hollow. Also, light was limited and we had to use a flashlight to see inside at all times.

The hollow was deep! I could only reach about 70% into it. My guess is it was 5 feet which went into the ground as well.

Thanks Greg for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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