Los Altos Bee Swarm Removal – In My Fig Tree

Received a call from my father-in-law saying that there are two swarms of bees hanging in my fig tree. I was of course excited but had a long day at work today with many meetings up until 8 PM! So I didn’t get to go home until almost 9 PM and good thing the swarms didn’t fly off.

My dad came back to my place with me to hive the swarms. The swarms, one tiny after-swarm while the other was a little bit better in size but not by much. They were hanging about 6 feet from the ground and we easily hived them. Cut off the branches and shake the bees in the hive where we decided to look for the queen in the dark. We found and caged both queen, which appear quite small and super fast running all around while I tried to catch them both. At least one appear to look like a virgin but the other in the larger of the two swarm could be mated or maybe not. Now I have to figure out which hive(s) threw off these two swarms.

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