Bee Removal Los Gatos – A Good Swarm

Received a call just now from Todd of Los Gatos. There’s a nice, larger than football size swarm on his plum tree about 15 feet up. I’m so busy at work today that I cannot get out until dark so I called another beekeeper to collect and save these bees. Thanks Todd for calling and Dan for going out to hive this nice swarm.

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7 Responses to Bee Removal Los Gatos – A Good Swarm

  1. Nick says:

    I just got a large swarm from Dan in Cupertino who collected them from a plum tree. Same swarm perhaps? If so, they’re safely in their new home in the Santa Cruz mountains!

  2. Hey Nick,

    It’s probably the same swarm as Dan told me that these are going to another beekeeper. A swarm this size should draw out 10 frames in 2 weeks with our citrus flow going. Glad they are in good hands now!

    FYI, the mother colony where this swarm came from, where it lived in the eve of the next door neighbor’s home, was killed by the homeowner. He sprayed the bees! I was going to rescue them this weekend too. Called today and said he took care of the bees himself! Ugh!


  3. Oh, another thing, send me photos or updates for my blog.

    • Laura Galvan says:

      Was downtown around 4:00 today when a swarm covered the sky at Main St and University in downtown Los Gatos. Strange enough, drove home to Campbell, walked in the door and my poor 6 year old was screaming in pain over a bee sting. Had to explain that the bee was just trying to protect himself but didnt stop the pain, poor baby. Not sure if related.

  4. Hey Laura

    Was your six year old child with you during the swarming? If so one of the bees could have bumped into you child and panicked and stung. When a swam occurs most of the time the bees are just focusing on figuring out where the queen bee went and following the rest of the bees before they land somewhere. Also most swarms of honey bees are not aggressive. Hope your child is ok. Watch him/her closely and make sure no serious allergic reaction occurs.


  5. Leslie says:

    I have a nest of honey bees on my property, also. I am in Los Gatos. I would love to have them saved and relocated. 408 656-7100.

  6. Leslie, I’ll email you.

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