Atherton Bee Removal – External Bee Colony Relocated

Received a call on Monday from Mike who’s running a huge construction project at a high-end Atherton property and their workers found an external colony that have built comb in a bush. Scheduled the removal for this afternoon at this beautiful estate.

We arrived a tad before 2 PM and Mike showed us where the colony was situated. We looked at it and it was tiny. I am thinking it was an after-swarm that landed here and called it home about 3-4 weeks ago because I see capped brood already. We unloaded our equipment and while I trimmed around the external colony my dad prepares the hive boxes and frames to be used. After a while we were just looking around the comb sections, the queen walks onto the most outer comb and my dad spots her. Dad says “Is this the queen?” I quickly took the Mann Lake queen catcher and cage her. We were both really happy at that moment, knowing that we already caught and saved the queen before even cutting the comb sections.

After catching the queen we decided to just cut the main branch and bring home the entire colony on the combs and do the cutout at home. We cut and taped the branch securely into the hive boxes and home we went. Quick and easy removal.

Queen in the upper right.

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