Queenless Webster Hive Update – Virgin Queen!

Remember what happened to the Palo Alto Webster Hive, where the queen flew off the frame we were inspecting and then went into a neighboring hive where she was balled and killed. Well, we left the colony alone for a while because we knew they had the resources to create emergency queens, and that they did.

Here’s our new, still a virgin, Webster Queen. She’s tiny but hopefully when she’s mated she will get larger.

When we inspected the Webster Hive today we found three open queen cells. I kind of suspected the swarms were from this hive but today this pretty much makes the connection of the two swarms that was caught on my fig tree.

Here’s the queen from the larger swarm. She’s the largest of the three sister Queens. She’s not yet laying.

Here’s the other sister. She’s also small but larger than the Queen that emerged last in the Webster Hive.

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