Palo Alto Bees Relocated – Sprinkler Control Valve Box

Received an email the other evening from Tina of the Santa Clara bee guild passing on a message that there are some bees that need to be rescued in Palo Alto. I got in contact with the homeowner David and today we relocated the bees. More details and photos tonight when I’m on my computer instead of iPad.

Update: 11:44 PM (More details and pictures)

My dad and I arrived a little before 1 PM today and we walked into the backyard to check out the bees before we unloaded our equipment. We quickly looked and only noticed the one comb attached to the sprinkler control valve box with some bees on it. Then went back to the truck to get what we needed to safely rescue the bees.

The next thing surprised us as we move in to remove the comb from the box. We didn’t notice anything underneath the cover until we got really close. I picked it up and there were about six comb sections underneath. It was attached to the cover and as the homeowner removed the cover and placed it down, it smashed all the comb and bees with it. Ouch! We dug through the smashed combs trying to look for the queen to no avail.

Dead bees, brood, larvae, and destroyed comb is what we found. From there it was more of a clean up job than bee rescue. We did relocate a handful of bees but that was about all. Clean up all the comb, put the cover back on, and covered the hole.

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