Adopt A Bee Hive – Sunnyvale Flamingo Adopted

Remember the Sunnyvale swarm that moved into a recycle bin and we came to relocate them. Well, the plan has always been to bring the bees back after the bees reorient to my yard and then bring it back to Susan’s house but on the other side. And I also wanted to be sure we had the queen when we hived them, and we did scoop her in and didn’t even know.

Susan and her neighbors have been anxiously waiting for the delivery of her bees and today the hive was brought back home. Susan was ready with her new white spotless bee suit and new woodware, and her neighbor showed up right on time to see us give Susan a beekeeping lesson.

Here’s Susan’s Flamingo Queen. She’s a beauty with a unique abdomen pattern. Started slow and laid many drone brood at first because maybe she was poorly mated or something but then had great patterns one week ago when we inspected the hive to make sure they are healthy and doing good for the adoption. In this photo also notice young larvae that surrounds the queen.

Unlike last week when my dad and I inspected, today the bees were lower on stores. We did see capped honey today along with uncapped honey so I wasn’t too worried. I think I’ll bring a frame of honey over to Susan sometime during the week just to make sure the girls will be ok. We still have a flow but I notice the citrus and avocado has been drying up. Some wild flowers and weeds are starting to bloom along with some other flowers but June is here and we need to prepare for the dry season.

Here’s Susan holding a half frame of bees. Going foundationless is the way I’m teaching all the new beekeepers I’m mentoring.

Here’s Susan with her bee hive and a big smile on her face. The day has come, the delivery of her bees as she becomes a new beekeeper, and I know Susan will be a darn good one too. Thanks Susan for adopting these kind bees!

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