Los Altos Swarm Removal – Nice Size Swarm and Small Queen

Received a call this morning from Roushan that there are a bunch of bees at his house. He currently has workers there painting the house so he thought maybe they disturbed an active hive or something. So I schedule a time this afternoon to check them out.

I arrived right about 4 PM today to check out the situation. It was definitely not an active hive, at least not yet. It was a swarm of bees all clustered on the wall of the second story with some of the bees entering and exiting through various holes nearby. Probably scouting out the possibilities before every bee moved in and call the wall their new home.

Here’s Roushan’s sister-in-law, Sahana, posing with the bee swarm.

I had to run home for a concall with overseas but my dad and I came back at 7:30 PM to remove the swarm. It was about 3 pounds of bees. We scooped the bees into the box and about 50% we caught the queen. She’s small but we found her. Scooped more bees into the box and then allowed some of the bees to march in by themselves. The laggers we had to give them a little push to get them to move into our hive box.

We caught the queen but couldn’t get a good picture of her as there were so many worker bees inside the cage with her.

Thanks Roushan for calling us to rescue this swarm of honey bees!

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