Palo Alto Bee Hive Site Check

Received a call the other day from John of Palo Alto saying he just had some bees show up and appear to be entering near the chimney. He did say that there used to be a huge colony living inbetween the first and second floor a long time ago and they had to open up the floor from the second story to remove the bees, comb, and everything else. So yesterday I went for a site check to see what’s going on. John was not home but I was able to see what was going on from the outside.

This is the right side of the chimney. The bees are obviously entering through the gaps between the bricks.

Here’s the other side of the chimney where the bulk of the bees are. I really hope it’s only one colony. Looks like they are moving into the sub-flooring of the second story or into the wall. Most likely into the void between first and second story. I’ll confirm with John to see where the old colony used to live, it could be the same exact spot.

Because this colony recently moved in, I don’t think we need to open the floor unless that’s the easiest way in. Might just have to remove a few panels from the outside and cut through to access the bees, removing them by using the bee vac and call it a day.

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