Santa Clara Bee Removal – Hot Bees – Site Check

My friend’s dad has a few rentals and office building around the area and recently he found out that I’m a beekeeper and doing bee removals. Last time I checked out the honey bees living in the soffit of his Palo Alto office building. Today’s site check brought me to Santa Clara, one of his rental homes and this hive have been there for over one year.

From the outside I can see it’s a strong colony with much activity even on a cold morning with rains expected in the afternoon. The bees are entering near a gap between the roof and chimney.

Then we move inside the house to the living room. Right above the fire place you don’t even need a thermal imager to see where the core of the colony is located. You don’t even have to touch the wall. The heat radiating from the bee colony was incredible. You put your hand a few inches from the drywall above the fireplace you can already feel the heat coming through the wall! And from the looks of it, the colony where the warmth shows up is about 4 feet high by 2 feet wide. Then I’m sure the combs with honey extend above and to the sides from the core brood chamber.

This one is scheduled to be removed this Sunday. Hopefully the thunder storms won’t get in the way but it’ll be a removal job from the inside as drywall is easily cut and repaired.

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