Santa Clara Bee Removal – Live Bee Relocation

Today was the scheduled bee removal at my friend’s dad’s rental in Santa Clara. See the previous blog post before this one and you’ll see my site check info. The bees were entering through a gap on the eve of the roof right next to the chimney. And during my site check we found they were right above the fireplace.

My dad and I arrived a little before 10 AM and started to unload our gear. Then when Mr. Mei arrived we set up plastic sheets to enclose the area we are going to work in so the dust and bees do not get all over the house.

It was drywall so it wasn’t to difficult to cut through. We knew where exactly the bees are located so we made a large cut. Plus that wall will be replaced with new drywall instead of a small portion so we cut wider than needed.

We quickly exposed the first section of the comb. Started vacuuming the bees so they don’t fly all over the place.

The combs and colony fully exposed. The colony is smaller than I expected. The thermal image showed how hot it was when I was there to do the site check. This colony did swarm a month or so ago.

See that dark liquid enclosed in some alien looking outer layer. Well, that’s REALLY REALLY old capped honey. Very dark. This colony has been living there for at least 2 years.

All cleaned out. We didn’t catch the queen. Hopefully we vacuumed her but I doubt it. There were just too many cracks and holes for her to hide. We did remove all the bees and the wall will be sealed up in the next few days.

We didn’t leave until 5 PM. I can’t believe it took us 7 hours to remove this colony.  I didn’t feel like 7 hours, maybe because the sun was not out so we didn’t have a sense of time while working indoors. Today we didn’t even take a break. We just took a short 2 minutes drink break and I only drank once, no wonder why I’m feeling a little dehydrated right now. Better remember to drink more in future Summer bee removals.

Thanks Mr. Mei for allowing my dad and I to relocate these honey bees!

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