Adopt A Bee Hive – Webster Hive Adopted

It was a fun day today in which dad and I had an entire day doing our bee thing. First thing in the morning we headed to Menlo Park to deliver a hive to Marius and Shannon. They adopted the healthy Webster hive which has a new queen that emerged just last month.

We arrived way ahead of schedule but it worked out as I was able to meet their neighbor who does chimney work as a profession. Chimney and bees, and having an expert at hand would be a bonus for those difficult chimney bee removal jobs. Anyways, it was meet and greet, get into our bees suits, and the four of us set up the hive on the side of the house where it gets morning sun and the hive sits under the eve of the roof for rain protection.

It was a nice warm morning so we did a full inspection going through the hive and explaining to our new beekeepers what we are seeing on the combs and all the good stuff. We even spotted the queen today. She’s laying great patterns. The hive also has much capped honey stores and a healthy population in a single medium. After going through the hive we moved one brood frame into the new medium and put that on top to get the bees to move up and draw out the new hive box.

Here’s Shannon and Marius with a frame of brood and honey mixed.

I love making new beekeepers and thanks Shannon and Marius for adopting the Webster hive!

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