Water Meter Bees Removal in Los Altos

Had a couple of hours to spare today so dad and I went to remove the bees from a water meter in Los Altos as we knew it wouldn’t take much time as the colony of bees arrived fairly recently. We arrived, prepared the equipment, and quickly took care of business.

We lifted and turned the cover right over, exposing all the combs except one small section that was attached to the rim of the water meter box. We started to cutout the comb to rubberband onto the frames. After removing the second comb I spot the queen running around on third comb. I quickly grab the queen catcher and the rest of the cutout was smooth sailing.

The combs attached to the cover of a water meter.

We put the queen inside the hive and the workers started to march in.

We left the hive box there to pick up at night with a note warning people not to mess with the weird looking box sitting on the lawn with bee inside.

Thanks again Claudia for informing us about these bees that needed to be rescued!

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