Bee Removal Sunnyvale – Bees In Yet Another Recycle Bin

This evening we received a call from Ron regarding some honeybees in his recycle bin. He said on the phone that it looked exactly like the other removal we did from another recycle bin. Tomorrow is my dad’s eye surgery so I wasn’t sure if we’d go rescue these bees but dad ok’ed it and we were off to relocate these bees after dinner.

We arrived and was greeted by Ron and Becky, both whom contacted us because they knew we’d save these bees by doing a live removal and then relocate the bee colony to my bee yard. We set up our equipment and got right into it. Cracked open the cover and wow, there was a good amount of bees in there but what’s more amazing was the combs they have already built. Ron and Becky discovered them this past Sunday but guess they were here for about 3-4 days. My guess would be 5-7 days just because there are eggs in there but have no young larva yet, at least I didn’t see any. The comb sections, one was the size of two hands. but hey, you never know with swarms as they build comb super-fast.

We slowly vacuumed the bees and looked for the queen. We removed all the contents from the recycle bin and even took the divider out. But still we couldn’t find the queen. We did vacuum up big clusters of bees in different areas so she could have been there. At the end we didn’t find her and was kind of disappointed.

Well, after we got back to my place dad and I decided to look for the queen in the dark with our flashlights. It was a cool night so they weren’t so active. After a couple of minutes digging through the cluster of bees I found the queen, grabbed the queen catcher and caged her! She’s not huge and she has darker patterns. I didn’t have my camera with me so I’ll post an update with photos of the queen next time, about 2 days when I release her.

I’d like to thank Becky and Ron for calling us to save  the bees!

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