Los Altos Bee Removal Assisted by a Young Bee Remover

Well, here we are again. We are removing bees from my sister’s place in Los Altos near the Los Altos Country Club. Last year we removed a colony of bees in the same location. So far this year three swarms have arrived in this located. Two after swarms moved into the swarm trap but this swarm seemed too large for the trap and established themselves in the old hive.

My nephew Darren wrote a letter in his class saying that when he turns 20 he wants to be a beekeeper. Well, we had an extra suit so we put him in it after a little fixing and duct tape. He was all secured and ready to assist in the bee removal.

Darren helped us put rubberband on the frames so we can put the combs we cut out into them, saving all the brood, larvae, and eggs. He’s ready for more action!

Darren poses with Grandpa in the bee suits.

He climbs on the ladder to get a closer view of the exposed bee colony. And of course turns around for a picture.

Here are the bees. Fresh pure white combs! The first few odd looking pieces to the right are from an old colony that lived there last year.

Dad working the bee vac. Great location for the bees to live in but hard for us to remove because looking down is about three stories high! A fall over the rails would be fatal.

We FINALLY caught the queen at the very end. Good thing she didn’t have any cracks to hide in at the very end of this void space. I spotted the queen many times but it was out of my reach. I had to remove another piece of decking board to catch her. My hands were so full of honey I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of the queen. Will release her soon and will get a picture before she’s let out of the cage. We left the hive there to get all the foragers.

We smoked the bees from their home but many clustered above and didn’t fly around which I wanted them to so they can find where the queen is. Went back to check the next day and many still returning to the old spot. Hopefully by tomorrow they would have re-orientated to the new location right below their old home.

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