Swarm Removal in Mountain View – Next Door From Parent’s

It’s definitely still swarm season especially with our great Summer weather these past couple of days. This afternoon as I was playing with my kids at my parent’s house in Mountain View I hear this loud buzzing sound, ran out, and looked up. A HUGE swarm was moving by, thousands of bees in the air going all directions but the cloud of bees finally landed in my parent’s neighbor’s apple tree. I couldn’t see where they really landed but it was in that vicinity. So I did run home after I saw the swarm land to get the equipment needed to hive the swarm of bees. Then waited until neighbors Camille and Mark came home from work so I can ask for their permission to go back there and relocate the bees.

From the air I knew it was a huge swarm but when I got up close to them hanging on the tree it seemed even larger. Perhaps it was four to five pounds of bees in that cluster. My dad and I trimmed the tree to gain easier access to the swarm, then cut about 5 main branches while my dad somehow held them all in his hands, we brought them down and a few hard shakes they all were in the box. Then it was time to look for the queen. We had to work our way through the bees with a stick to find the queen and eventually did. A lot of bees!

Left the box there overnight because it was hot today and not all of the bees went inside. They bearded on the hive right outside the entrance. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be cooler and I can bring the girls home.

Hmm… I totally forgot to take a picture of the queen. I did hold her up for Camille to photograph but I totally forgot about my own camera. Oh well. I’ll ask Camille for some pics and I’ll post them. She should have some good pictures of the entire process. She even posed with the bees and she mentioned that she’s interested in beekeeping!

Thanks Camille and Mark for allowing us to save this swarm of honeybees!

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