Huge Bee Swarm Relocated – Palo Alto

This afternoon my dad and I hived the huge swarm in Palo Alto. From the picture they look big but in person the cluster of honey bees is even more amazing. They landed on a thin branch and completely arched over towards the ground.

We got set up, took a few pictures, then it was cut and shake. There were so many bees we shook them into two medium boxes. It was a large swarm so after all the bees dropped it nearly filled half of a medium. I would guess this is about 5-6 pounds of bees, possibly more. Below is my dad next to the huge swarm to give you an idea how big it was.

It took a while to find the queen in this mass of honey bees running around.

We finally found her after I missed her the first time. She actually crawled out to the face of the hive box. She’s really really orange.

We caged her, added a frame of drawn comb, and left the hive there for pick up after dark.

Thanks Tim for calling us to save the honey bees!

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2 Responses to Huge Bee Swarm Relocated – Palo Alto

  1. The size of this swarm is amazing. Has it found a permanent home yet? Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures.

  2. Hey Kristen,

    This swarm I kept. It was huge! At least 6 pounds of bees! Just checked on them the other day and they will need a third medium soon. Will let you know when I have good size swarms next time. Is this for a TBH you are starting? I do have many established hives.

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