Sunnyvale Bees Relocated – Swarm Moved in Two Weeks Ago

June 14, 2011 a comment was posted on my blog from Tushar regarding a honeybee colony that arrived on Friday and established themselves in the space between the ceiling and roof of the bay window of the dinning room. Since I don’t live too far I went out for an inspection and today was the schedule live bee extraction.

My dad and I arrived a little before 8:30 AM and started immediately. We set up all our bee removal equipment and then started to cut the 2×6 as pictured above. You can see the bees entering through the vent holes. Below is a picture of me cutting though the 2×6. It was in a not so easy to reach location and man, my arms were burning reaching up and not having much room to see and move about. Good thing the multi-tool was small enough to fit in there. No way would my big sawzall would have gotten in that tight space.

It took a while but we finally exposed the hive. Now if insulation was placed in this void space the bees wouldn’t have made it their home.

The bee vac was used to remove a lot of bees before we starting cutting the fresh white combs. About two weeks since this swarm moved in and they have already built 10 large combs. Though fairly new this colony have much honey, some being capped.

Below is my dad removing the bees using the bee vac. Again, small opening and having to reach far in with our arms didn’t help speed things up. We left the bees in the bee vac there with the top off so the bees can stay cool through the screening. When we came back afer dinner to remove the rest of the bees we found a cluster attached to the exterior of the bee vac and no bees up above. This could mean one thing, we got the queen inside the bee vac! This removal took 4.5 hours when it could have easily be done quicker.

Thanks Tushar for contacting us to save our honeybees.

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