CoolEatz Adopt Bee Hives for Organic Honey

Everything fell into place one day at a wedding when Marius, a new beekeeper that was waiting to adopt one of our hives began a conversation with Jesse, the founder of CoolEatz who was catering for this amazing wedding. I wasn’t clear on how they got started talking about beekeeping but one thing led to another. After the wedding Marius informed me that someone named Jesse will be contacting me about obtaining some bee hives. Emails were exchanged and then in early June I met with Master Gardener Drew Harwell to go over details and what equipment is needed before the hives were going to be brought on site.

So here we are, July 2nd was the deliver of two double story hives with healthy and booming colonies. The Rock Hive had so many bees that we had to add a third medium before the scheduled delivery. But the Arthur Hive, which consists of two mediums, was heavier in weight. Both hives are full of honey bees and all the other good stuff you expect to find in a healthy strong hive.

Meet Cooleatz founder Jesse Cool (right) and Master Gardener Drew Harwell (left). They are holding up a frame of capped worker brood.

We did an in-depth inspection of the Arthur Hive and went through the top brood chamber, teaching them what to look for in a healthy bee hive. We even saw some swarm cells that aren’t capped yet. And when we got to the tenth frame which consists of mostly honey and some drone brood, we spotted the queen. She’s large and golden and laying great patterns. Also notice all the capped drone brood.

Here is the queen again. Now she’s walking around on freshly capped honey with some being capped for storage while we inspect.

Jesse spots the queen and admires her beauty, power, and the huge colony she created from her swarm on March 30, 2011.

Thanks Jesse and Drew for adopting these wonderful colonies that will be used to produce local organic honey for Cooleatz. Expect some premium cut comb honey in the late Fall of 2011 or Spring of 2012 at their Cooleatz restaurants.

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2 Responses to CoolEatz Adopt Bee Hives for Organic Honey

  1. Marius says:

    This is awesome. I’m very excited for for Jesse and Cooeatz customers who will be enjoying the sweet organic honey!

    Long live the queen,

  2. AlisonHyde says:

    Jesse’s Flea Street Cafe has been our favorite restaurant for years. Hoping to enjoy it there too!

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