Atherton Bee Removal from Tree – Site Check

Today I received a call from a gentleman in Atherton. Recently a huuuuuge valley oak tree fell over, crushed part of his house and damaged part of another huge oak tree. Good thing is no one was hurt when the huge tree toppled over.

Anyways, this second tree that’s over 40 years old, still standing but unsure for how much longer, needs to be removed before it does hurt someone or damage more property. I went over for a site check today before the professional tree removers come and take down the tree.

There are two bee hives in this tree. One colony lives in a hollow on the main trunk while the second lives adjacent on a large branch reaching out, again in a hollow.

This bee rescue is going to call for some heavy duty equipment. I’m currently in talks with the tree removal company on how to proceed on removing the bees safely.

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