Tiny Tiny Swarm Saved

Was out in the yard today and spotted some bees flying around my Japanese maple tree that’s across the yard from my hives. I knew it was a swarm but couldn’t see the cluster. I walked closer and still could not spot the cluster of bees until I got right up to it. It was a TINY swarm of honey bees clustered on a tiny branch on the maple tree.

The swarm is so small, it’s about the size of a tennis ball.

Usually swarms of this size will not survive. You would need at least a softball size. But in my books every bee swarm, even the tiniest ones, gets a chance. I’ll nuc them, tuck them away somewhere in my bee yard, and won’t disturb them until Fall.

It was so easy to find the queen today. She’s small, probably still a virgin. In the photo above she’s dead center with the golden abs.

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