Millbrae Bee Removal – Electric Meter Box

This weekend was all about our honey bees. I could have done this second removal on Saturday before the Redwood City bee relocation but as stated I was beat coming back from Las Vegas. So Sunday we scheduled this rescue in Millbrae. Will called me last week saying that his father’s place had some bees in an old style electric meter box. Come out quickly before they build comb touching the fuse box.

Sunday we arrived a little before 9 AM and checked out the bees first. It was much larger than expected but easy and safe enough to get them out as there’s no real exposed high-voltage cables where they built comb, at least not yet.

We bee vac’ed them as much as possible and then it was remove a comb section at a time and then vacuuming some more. We knew the queen would start running off to her hideout once we started, and looking into the back of the meter box there is huge gap between the meter box and the wall of the house. Also there’s a void right above the meter box which was created as the roof of the box so rain will flow down.

Here’s a good looking piece of comb with brood and some capped honey. Not much honey but they do have some above each comb section.

Even though we didn’t have to cut into anything it still took us 3.5 hours. The last part probably took 30 minutes trying to find the queen. She was hiding in the void above the meter box which we had to open up. We didn’t find her as she ran between the gap but we smoked it heavily and FINALLY she walked out.

Here’s the queen. She almost fainted from the heavy smoking. She was moving really slow when she walked into the open where we caught her. But after putting some attendants in the cage with her and moving her to a location with fresh air she looked a lot better.

Thanks Will for calling us to save the bees!

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2 Responses to Millbrae Bee Removal – Electric Meter Box

  1. Will Schade says:

    Great Job. Thank you so much for taking care of it while I was away and before the nest got any larger.

    Any suggestions about keeping them from coming back.

    Thanks again,


  2. Will, the best way to prevent future swarms from moving in is to seal off any possible entrances. Use #8 or smaller mesh or aluminum window screen. Do not use spray foam. Bees can easily chew through that. If it’s mansory, use stucco or Quickrete/cement.

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