Redwood City Bee Removal – Second Swarm on the Same Wall

Last Monday received a call from John’s wife saying that the wall near their front gate was covered with bees. A swarm has landed on their fencing wall, the same one as last time (cutout in May this year) but about 20 feet away. So Saturday was the scheduled removal before the hive got too large.

I just returned from ICAST held in Las Vegas on Friday night. I was so beat from working the show and was somewhat unbalanced for some reason, probably lack of sleep from writing all night. So Saturday we arrived at 2:30 PM in Redwood City to relocate the bees. Here’s what we found when we arrived. Good bee activity at the base of the wall.

Oops! During set up we found out that we forget one important piece of equipment, the top cover of the bee vac!!! Instead of driving 30 minutes back to my place to grab the top, we cut up a box and got the job done though the box started to collapse due to the vacuum pressure.

We knew exactly where to make our first cut because of our last cutout in May. We opened up a small section at the very top first. Yup, we found the bees. But this time they started to build from the side as you can tell from the picture below. So we had to cut open more. This is a large swarm. In less than one week they have built much comb already.

We didn’t save any of the comb sections except one small portion. We didn’t see any eggs at all. Perhaps the queen is newly mated or still a virgin.

Here’s our queen. Caught her after we removed all the combs and there was still a huge pile of bees on the inside. She was walking up and I spotted her. And easy catch.

Here she is trying to climb out of the queen catcher. She’s a small queen but still too large to fit through the slits.

Thanks John and wife for calling us again to save the bees!

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2 Responses to Redwood City Bee Removal – Second Swarm on the Same Wall

  1. lea cox says:

    I love reading about your bee rescues. You and your dad are real eco-heroes!

  2. Thanks. We do what we can to save our bees. 🙂

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