Sunnyvale Bee Removal – Double Colony – Site Check

Had a loooong week at work since all three of my projects all fell into the planning phases. So I took off around 3:30 PM Friday and went to do some bees things as I was waiting for some slides from various functional teams, plus I know I’ll be up date on Friday night working instead of having fun. I was even up late Friday night on a concall with overseas! Ugh!

Anyways, onto the bees. The Santa Clara Bee Guild informed me of some bees that needed rescuing. So Friday afternoon I stopped by and met Victor of Sunnyvale. I noticed the bees immediately as I was walking towards the front door. The bees were on the side front corner of the house. I chatted with Victor for a while on the bees and how to best remove them. I also went inside and checked on the walls to see where they were. From the picture above you cannot tell if it’s one colony or two. When I was inside I found that the bees were on two wall sections, having just the corner separating them. It COULD be two colonies here as you can tell from the picture above, the two entrances are far enough apart. We will find out when we remove them.

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