CoolEatz Hives Doing Excellent

We went to do a quick inspection on the two hives that CoolEatz adopted on July 2, 2011. It has been only 21 days but these were big hives so they do need to be inspected more often to make sure they still have room. Because Master Gardener Drew was out of town on vacation, Jesse asked me to come take a look. It was cool because today I met their Head Chef Carlos.

As I was putting my bee suit on my dad walks over to the hives for a quick view. He watched the entrance activity of both hives and came back to me reporting that the hives are extremely strong and active. A great sign!

Carlos told me that Drew and him did inspect the hives once. One of the hives, Rock St. Hive, has completely filled the 3rd super that was added. When I brought the hive over it was almost empty except two frames of honey I placed in there. Today’s inspection of just the number 3 super showed that they have 100% filled that box though they have not yet started capping the honey. Because the population of bees is big and the super is filled we added box number 4.

Jesse has this nice waterfall set up in her backyard. A water source for the bees.

Carlos also told me that the other hive, Arthur Hive, is about 50 to 60% filled. He was right on. Opening the top and taking a look at the top box number 3, it was still about the same as the last inspection that Carlos and Drew did. They started drawing a few straight combs but then the latest one they crossed between two frames. It was an easy task to straighten it because the super wasn’t full yet.

Though the Arthur colony has a lower population of bees than the Rock St hive, they do have more honey. So as we were cutting out cross comb we also harvested a little for the team to enjoy. Jesse busted out some crackers to put comb honey on and it was finger licking good! 🙂

Here we are today. Rock St Hive is four mediums high. Huge population of bees and a lot of honey. Nectar flow is slow but still have some good sources out there such as lavender and others. The Arthur Hive is still three mediums tall but I would think in about two weeks they should have that third box filled. The hives are doing excellent!

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