Sunnyvale Bee Swarm Rescued

You’ll notice not many beekeepers are now chasing swarms because the primary swarm season is over. Currently most of them are small after-swarms and they take more TLC to get them to survive the Winter especially it is already now July and the nectar flow is slow. But in my books I give every swarm, even the tiniest, a chance at starting a new colony and building up before late Fall and early Winter. I won’t be feeding them but will insulate the hive and keep them away from the rain when the time comes.

Friday afternoon as I was doing the site check in Sunnyvale I received a call from another Sunnyvale resident. I was near by so I stopped by to check out the situation after the first site check. Saw the small swarm of bees all clustered up on a young Japanese maple tree about 7 feet up.

My dad and I came back after dinner around 7:30 PM to hive these girls. It was very text book. Placed a cardboard box under them and shook the branch. Most of them went in and we looked for the queen. It took a while as the lighting was good but we finally caught her. A small queen, probably a virgin or newly mated queen. Definitely an after-swarm.

We waited until sunset and collected all the bees. Went home to hive them and today they were out doing their orientation flights.

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