Flamingo Hive Gets A Facelift – Soraya’s Hive Design

Saturday Susan came over and adopted the Murre hive. She plans to put the hives back to back and to avoid bees drifting into the wrong hive, she had her 4.5 year old daughter Soraya decorate the hive boxes for their current Flamingo hive.

Introducing the “new” Flamingo Hive. Hive decorated by Soraya.

Here’s Soraya and her pet bees. All suited up and ready to go to work with mom.

“We got our first stings of the season. There was a bee in Soraya’s
glove when she went to put it on – stung on the hand, but still suited
up and helped me with changing their boxes and inspection for 1hour!”

At 4.5 years old, got stung on her hand, and she still spent an hour working the bees. That’s a true beekeeper! [At that age if I was stung by a bee, I would have probably cried a good amount and then went off to play with my toys instead 🙂 ]

The Flamingo colony is now going strong. Good population, great brood patterns, and Winter stores.

“I wasn’t expecting what we found in the Flamingo Hive, the bottom box
was empty last time but this time it was FULL of bees. Turns out they
now have 6 heavy frames of honey in the bottom box!”

Here’s little Soraya transferring the frames from the old box into the new box that she decorated.

Susan, thanks for the update and wonderful pictures. Soraya, what a great sport for hanging in there and helping mom out even after her first painful sting. And love the hive decorations! 🙂

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