San Bruno Bee Removal

Today’s bee removal brought us all the way up to San Bruno. Nick, who is a realtor/property manager has a place that he manages with some bees in an enclosed fence wall. He didn’t know what they were but thinks they are honey bees. So we took our chance and drove up to check them out and remove them if they are indeed honey bees. It was a gorgeous day in San Bruno. No fog and a great view of San Francisco airport even at 9:30 AM.

We arrived a little early so I walk around the back of the home and immediately spot where the bees are. The bees are entering through a knot and gap of the wood panels. The entrance side is tough to get to so we went to have a look at the other side.

Here’s the other side. Easy to remove siding that’s screwed on.

Brought my thermal imager toy with me. The entrance is near the bottom of the image and the bees are walking all the way to the top.

We unscrewed the siding and then carefully ripped apart the tar paper exposing the hive. The wax is kind of nasty dirty looking because the bees have to trek up the tar paper before it reaches the combs.

Here’s my dad vacuuming the bees.

All cleaned up. A bunch of bees did move behind the tar paper.

We found the queen at the very top left corner hiding behind the last comb section.

Thanks Nick for calling us to save the bees!

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