Bee Removal from Oak Tree – Los Altos

This past weekend we did three bee removals. Saturday was a very easy and successful removal in San Bruno. Sunday was different as we did two bee removals from oak trees. This first one we did in the morning. The bees are in the hollow of a large limb of a big oak tree in Los Altos. As stated in my site checks on these oak tree bee colonies, it’s impossible to save everything within a honey bee colony unless we can cut the tree, and in most cases that’s not possible. The mission was to save as many bees as possible, without doing a trapout as it would take at least one month’s time, by using the bee vacuum and applying Bee-Quick and smoke to get them out. Then it was to seal off all entrances.

13 feet up housed a colony of honey bees. Entrance was small, had a diameter of only about 4 inches wide. We were able to safe a lot of bees that returned from foraging and ones that came out after we disturbed the hive.

The hollow was actually quite big. Depth wise and it went in both directions so the bees had a nice large void for them to build. The combs inside were dark brown to black. This colony was only spotted about a month ago but from the combs they have been there for at least one year. Or maybe a previous colony that died out and these bees moved in.

Aside from the main entrance there were two other smaller holes nearby that we had to seal up. Patch concrete is what we used as it was quick and we didn’t have to mix ourselves because it was already the right density.

I would have preferred the trapout method as it was near my house but then the homeowner is highly allergic to bee stings. She was stung in the past and the reaction happens in her throat and she has to immediately go to ER.  The bees were close enough to her front door that the bees needed to be removed as quickly as possible. so that the homeowner wouldn’t accidentally get stung.

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